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  • Got a question about Panasonic Malaysia Online Store?
    • You can check our most commonly asked questions here. Should you not find the answers you're looking for, please contact us so we can address your queries directly. Kindly drop an email to ccc@my.panasonic.com
  • Shopping and Payment Information
    • 1. What is the benefit buying from Panasonic Malaysia Online Store?
    • You can order Panasonic products from our available wide product range through easy browsing. You can enjoy convenient delivery to their door step without having to leave the comfort home or office upon purchase confirmation. It's simple and totally hassles free. You have the flexibility to choose to make your payment via credit card. Each of your purchase is specially packed to ensure the safe delivery of your product(s) (To test Panasonic products or for more information, kindly visit the nearest dealer).
    • 2. How do I purchase the item when I am interested in Panasonic Malaysia Online Store?
    • To buy from our Online Store, you are required to be a member of CLUB Panasonic Malaysia. Join membership at http://club.panasonic.com.my. After successful membership activation, login to your CLUB Panasonic account, go to online store and click on the 'Buy Now' button, you will be redirected to Panasonic Malaysia Online Store at https://direct.panasonic.com.my. Select a product, 'Add-to-Cart' then simply follows the instruction to complete purchases.

      By joining as CLUB Panasonic members, you are entitled to enjoy e-Points for registering your Panasonic product warranty online; e-Points are redeemable for e-voucher to use like cash to purchase Panasonic product online.
    • 3. Can I have more than one item in a Shopping Cart?
    • Yes, after you have select and 'Add-to-Cart', you may click on the 'Continue Shopping' button to select your next product to purchase.
    • 4. What payment methods can I use for Panasonic Malaysia Online Store?
    • Currently we only accept Visa and Master credit cards. However, please check with the respective banks to ensure that you have sufficient credit to make online purchases using your credit cards.
    • 5. While shopping at Panasonic Malaysia Online Store, I will be disclosing my credit card number. How can I be sure that the transaction is secure and my card number will not be disclosed to anyone?
    • Panasonic Malaysia Online Store tied up with reputable merchant service provider which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure data privacy and integrity.
    • 6. If I have any disputes on Panasonic Malaysia Online Store charges made to my credit card, who should I contact?
    • Please email us at direct@my.panasonic.com and provide us with your name, transaction date, contact details and your product purchase details.
    • 7. Do I need to pay any hidden or others charges for my purchase?
    • No. There are no hidden costs or any other charges to your purchase.
  • Product Delivery Information
    • 1. How long will it take to deliver my purchases after the payment has been done?
    • In most cases, it will only take 5 - 14 working days for delivery (West Malaysia only).
    • 2. How much does Panasonic Malaysia Online Store charge on delivery charges?
    • Panasonic Malaysia Online Store is providing FREE delivery of product purchase from now until further notice.
    • 3. What should I do if the package or products I received are damaged, torn or in bad condition?
    • Should you receive the package or product(s) which is damaged, torn or in bad condition, please do not accept the package or product(s) from the courier service. Kindly notifies PM to the contrary by telephone, email or facsimile transmission within fourteen (14) days of delivery and such notification is confirmed in writing of email, write to us at direct@my.panasonic.com with the details of order (name, order ID, date of receipt, product(s) model) and pictures (if any).
    • 4. What is the coverage area of your delivery?
    • Currently is within Malaysia only. However, it is a nationwide delivery service and we ensure that the area of coverage covers major cities and towns in Malaysia.
  • Collect e-Points
    • 1. What is e-Points?
    • e-Points is e-Points that convertible to e-voucher to use like cash to purchase products at Panasonic Malaysia Online Store.
    • 2. How do I collect e-Points?
    • Collect e-Points when you register your Panasonic product warranty online. Products those are eligible for e-Points is Plasma TV, LED TV, LCD TV, Digital Still Camera, Digital Video Camera, Microwave Ovens, Fridge and Wasaher. You will receive double points when you buy at a Panashop and the warranty is registered online by the dealer.
    • 3. Where can I collect e-Points from?
    • Register your Panasonic product online warranty at http://club.panasonic.com.my, login to your account, go to 'My Product', and click on the 'My Product/Warranty Registration' button and follows the instructions.
    • 4. Will I get my e-Points immediately after online warranty registration?
    • Yes, your eligible e-Points will be reflected at Panasonic Malaysia online store under 'My Account'.
    • 5. How do I know how many e-Points I have collected?
    • At Panasonic Malaysia Online Store https://direct.panasonic.com.my, go to 'My Account', and click on the 'e-Points' to check collected e-Points.
    • 6. How do I keep track of my e-Points transactions?
    • At Panasonic Malaysia Online Store, go to 'My Account', click on to 'e-Point Transaction'; where it displays your e-Points transaction history of how much points earned, redeemed, cancelled and expired. You can get a more detailed breakdown of where you have collected or used your e-Points by:
      • 1. Click on 'My account'
      • 2. Select 'e-Points'
      • 3. Click on the 'e-Points Transactions'
    • 7. Do e-Points ever expire?
    • Yes, e-Points are valid for 36 months from the date of issue. Oldest e-Points being deducted first. The system will automatically deduct the unclaimed e-Points at the end of 36th month.
  • Redeem e-Points
    • 1. What can I redeem with my e-Points?
    • With e-Points, you can redeem your points with e-voucher that allow you to use like cash to buy at Panasonic Malaysia Online Store. Below is the e-Points redemption system for product(s) purchase from Panashop:
       Purchase price (RM)  Entitle e-Points  E-voucher value 
      500.00 1,000 RM10.00 
      1,000.00 2,000 RM20.00 
      1,500.00 3,000 RM30.00 
      2,000.00 4,000 RM40.00 
      3,000.00 6,000 RM60.00 
    • 2. Can I redeem e-Points straight from my CLUB Panasonic account?
    • No, your e-Points are stored at Panasonic Malaysia Online Store under 'My Account', in order to access to 'My Account', you are require to login from CLUB Panasonic.
    • 3. How do I use my e-Points to redeem e-voucher?
    • To use/redeem your e-Points for e-voucher to purchase product, click on to 'e-Points Redemption' button, you will see list of e-vouchers with denominations of RM10, RM50 and RM100, click on to the voucher you wish to redeem and follow the process. Once the redemption is done, you can click on 'My Vouchers' to check the list of e-vouchers redeemed.
    • 4. How do I see where I have redeemed and used my e-Points?
    • To view e-Points collected & used, click on the 'e-Points Transaction' button.
      To view available e-voucher, click on the 'My Voucher' button.
    • 5. Can I pay for a Panasonic product with part points, part cash / using credit card?
    • Yes, you must use your e-Points to redeem e-voucher as partial payment, then top up balance with credit card payment
  • Redeem & Use E-Voucher
    • 1. How do I get e-voucher?
    • You must collect e-Points by registering your Panasonic product warranty online at http://club.panasonic.com.my. Once you have sufficient e-Points, you may redeem e-voucher using e-Points.
    • 2. Where can I see my e-voucher?
    • At Panasonic Malaysia Online Store under 'My Account', click on the 'My Vouchers' button. During your online purchase process, e-vouchers appear on the 'Order Detail' page before checkout or payment is made. The system deducts the full amount from each e-voucher where possible.
    • 3. Where can I use my e-voucher?
    • E-Voucher can only be redeemed or used for selected Panasonic products as listed in Panasonic Malaysia Online Store, https://direct.panasonic.com.my
      • • Each e-Voucher can only be used in a single transaction.
      • • If the price of the product(s) selected is less than the value of the e-Voucher, no refunds will be given.
      • • If the price of the product(s) selected is more than the value of the e-Voucher, you are required to pay and top up the balances.
    • 4. What happen if I do not use all my e-voucher?
    • Each e-voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. There will be no re-issuance of e-Voucher upon the expiry date. No replacements or extension will be given for expired e-Vouchers.
    • 5. Do I always have to use all my e-voucher?
    • If the product price is below the value of the e-voucher then it is not advisable to use the e-voucher as the balance will NOT be retained on the e-voucher. If the product price is greater than the e-voucher(s) then all the e-voucher balance will be used and you may top up the balances with credit card payment.
    • 6. Is my e-voucher refundable, transferable and exchangeable for cash?
    • NO. E-Voucher is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.